Havening Techniques® Removes PTSD From Childhood Abuse Survivor

This testimonial shows 2 separate videos by Lee; the first in October 2013 and second in August 2015.

The first was recorded at the end of the session when Lee (and his partner) came to see me for a single session of Havening in 2013. In his own words Lee describes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused from a horrific period in his life between the age of 5 and 10 years old. Lee describes how the Havening Techniques® process has shifted how he recalls those traumatic memories.

The second session, almost 2 years later, Lee describes a new trauma.  He shares his thoughts and still cannot recall the horrific childhood events that had troubled him for decades until Oct 2013.

The Havening Techniques® has the ability to remove encoded traumatic memories in a matter of minutes in many cases.  In Lee's case, we were able to remove the trauma, the pain, the negative emotions, the fear and everything else associated with what he had been through, in a single session.  Clients who have been suffering with the consequences for decades and experience The Havening Techniques® are often amazed at the results.

One of the incredible aspects of the Havening Techniques® approach is that it can be used to great effect across the world using Skype or Facetime.  I see many clients globally for mental health issues.

Thank you to Lee (and Jayne) for sharing this –  you are amazing and an inspiration:)

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