Episode 12: Triumph Over Tragedy – Charlotte’s Journey from PTSD to Global Pilates Pioneer

Episode 12 of Rise the Victor Podcast is a special guest interview

Charlotte came to see me in 2015 after suffering with PTSD as a result of being raped years earlier whilst on holiday as a child.  She had tried counselling, CBT, EMDR, had been sectioned at The Priory, and tried on several occasions to commit suicide. 

Listen to Charlotte's story now to hear how she came forward, got the help she needed, has turned her life around for the better, and is travelling the world to follow her dreams. 

Covid-19 created a new chapter for Charlotte where she rose to the challenge and created a new online Pilates practise following the success of her studio classes around the world.  Here's her website: https://www.wellbeing-pilates.online/

A huge heartfelt thank you to Charlotte for speaking and inspiring other's to seek help.

Show Notes

[00:02] Charlotte's story

[01:10] The Priory

[01:54] Suicide

[03:38] Hatching a business plan during a therapy session!

[04:23] Charlotte's video inspired Duffy (singer) to seek help with Chris

[06:58] Mental Health Maintenance

[09:15] The Confidence To Travel

[12:35] Coming Forward (if you've been raped, abused, attacked)

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