Booking Appointments

Your investment in learning how to gain personal freedom and live your life better is determined by:

  1. What specifically you are wanting to change;
  2. The specific process customised exclusively for you to learn how to make the change(s).  Sessions may include a combination of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), The Havening Techniques, Clinical Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Sports Performance Coaching and other modalities that we have learnt from the best in the world;
  3. The location (ie, Harley Street, Tunbridge Wells, Overseas or home visits if you are unable to travel);
  4. Or, Online service using Skype, Facetime or GotoMeeting

This will be confirmed following an initial telephone call, where we will discuss your needs, how we can help you, and we will then be able to provide you with an estimate of number of sessions and fee.

Because we only learn from the very best, our aim is to help our clients make rapid personal change using these skills, and for the majority of our clients, just one or two sessions are all they need (with the exception of specific coaching programmes).

When you contact us via the website, you will receive an automated email with a link to the new client questionnaire. Whilst it’s not essential to complete the form at this stage, clients find it very helpful even therapeutic to get some clarity as to the issues they want to address and it helps us to have a better understanding when we first speak on the telephone.

We will then contact you by telephone.  Please note, we do not discuss appointments by email as we prefer to speak to clients directly in the first instance.

Many of Chris and Linzi’s clients are from referrals, and with busy schedules at certain times of the year, there is sometimes a waiting list for an appointment.  However, emergency/last minute or evening appointments may occasionally be available. Please telephone or use the contact us form to enquire.

All bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions

Chris & Linzi are very particular about who they work with in their coaching sessions to ensure they work only with those who are fully committed to achieving maximum personal results. So if you are a therapist making a false appointment, a time-waster or procrastinator, or someone who isn’t willing to take personal responsibility and follow instructions, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

There are a few pre-requisites in place to ensure Chris & Linzi make the best use of their valuable time, skills and expertise AND more importantly, that YOU get the best out of your investment, your time and your powerful mind!  After all, you have the potential within you; it’s just a question of how much of that potential you want to use…..

Chris and Linzi’s number one goal is to help you achieve YOUR goal(s).  So, in order for them to be able to help you do this, you need to be willing to commit to the following:

New Client Questionnaire(s)

Prior to, or at the time of booking your appointment, you will receive a new client questionnaire with agreement. Please complete these in full and with complete honesty (be honest with yourself). Your appointment is confirmed once all questionnaires have been received and payment (minimum 50% of full amount) has been made.

Be Early

Allow yourself plenty of time for travelling so you arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.  Arriving late, rushed and stressed isn’t a good start and may impact on your desired results.

Attend Your Appointment

If you reschedule or cancel your appointment more than twice, then we regret you may not be able to make any further appointments with Chris or Linzi as they will be working with those who are 100% committed to making personal change.

Have an Open Mind

Chris and Linzi have the ability to help you re-programme your mind so that you CAN do those things you thought you perhaps couldn’t or that you CAN stop smoking or overeating or being frightened. But remember, YOU have the control over YOUR mind, so although Chris or Linzi will take you through the steps to re-programme your mind, you do the work and your success begins when you take 100% full responsibility of YOU and YOUR LIFE!

Enjoy the Freedom of Change

Once you start to see, to feel, to hear the changes you’ve made, your life will start to take a different path where perhaps once before, you were restricted, reserved or missing out, you will be free to experience and enjoy so much more…….and you’ll wish you had made these changes sooner!

Book a Confidential Consultation Call

Chris has extensive experience in helping men and women overcome the symptoms of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD and so much more. You are not alone; help is available.