Sports Performance Coaching

Do You Have A Winning Mindset? Is Something Missing? Is Something Holding You Back?

Sports Performance Coach

Whether you play sport for leisure, at professional level, or you are an Olympic athlete or somewhere else in between, Sports Performance Coaching for your Mind allows you to turn your game around for the better, putting you back in the driving seat and achieving what you might have thought wasn’t possible……..until now.

If you want to know how you can get into the ‘zone’ or ‘flow’ quicker and stay there for longer, pushing beyond your limiting beliefs and boundaries, taking full control of your mindset and having better control when faced with obstacles, then when we work together, you will have those tools, resources and techniques to allow you to do just that and more.

I am one of only three Licensed Sports Performance Coaches in the UK having trained intensively with the International NLP Sports Academy, Licensed by the Society of NLP. This means, you are guaranteed optimal experiences and professional conduct during my coaching sessions as we work together using a variety of techniques to move you away from losing, and, getting you into the elite club of consistent winners! It’s more than just sports psychology.

Training your mind to improve your sport is just as important as physical training, so with a Licensed Sports Performance Coach as part of your Key Support Team, you know you are heading in the right direction for success. Using various advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, Design Human Engineering, Hypnosis, Havening and LAB profiling, Sports Performance Coaching is tailored around a framework that’s unique to you, meaning you can achieve peak performance faster than ever before – an alternative to sports psychology. Mental training is equally as important as physical training – the two combined create successful sporting stars!

To get that winning mindset for improving your game and taking it to the next level, whether it’s golf, tennis, football, racing, running, cycling, swimming or whatever sport you do, get in touch NOW, before your competition does!

Sports Performance Hypnotherapy Enhancement for a Winning Mind Set

Up until now a sports psychologist has been the first point of call for athletes but with a Licensed Sports Performance Coach we can help even more, with a winning combination of sports performance hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These processes are designed to help people perform better. The determination and hunger for victory is a must-have for sports performance enhancement in addition to talent and hard work. A sports hypnotist can teach you how to sustain the focus and spirit required for winning. The talents you have diligently honed, backed by sports hypnotherapy can make you a winner. Sports performance hypnotherapy helps you unlock your true potential by removing negative thoughts that hinder a triumph. With hypnosis sports performance, many athletes have experienced a vast increase in self confidence giving them an edge on their competitors. Boost your mental abilities to underpin your physical strength with our NLP and hypnotherapy sports performance coaching programme.

Sports performance hypnosis acts as a catalyst to facilitate the determination required in each step of your sports career. This strategy for sports performance enhancement delivers maximum results for gaining higher levels of performance. A sports hypnotist can identify your state of mind and assist you in using the energy within you to rid the obstructions from winning. Mind control during events is a vital factor and sports hypnotherapy coaching is a necessary tool for maintaining the required mental stimulation to perform to the absolute best of your ability. Contact me for sports performance hypnotherapy and learn how to get that winning mind set in hypnotherapy sports performance. For perpetual energy that flows like a constant stream of mental strength, even during the most challenging events, try hypnosis sports performance.

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