When panic attacks… defeat it with science…

The moment I tell people that hypnosis forms part of my treatments I get one of three responses: an open mind, caution or a chuckle. When I mention my Harley Street practice address and show them my client testimonials the tone changes completely. You see, people have a tendency to prejudge things they don’t understand, especially if those things are not considered the norm.

So, let me start off with a little bit of common sense logic. Problems which attack a person’s mind are best defeated in that person’s mind: and medicine, all too often, misses the point.

Guinea pigs or proven results?

Treatments such as clinical hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the revolutionary The Havening Techniques are proven science, supported by evidence. Please don’t get me wrong here, I’m not knocking the medical profession, simply pointing out that medicine has been developed by trial and error over decades; and in many cases still relies on ongoing ‘trials’ as treatments.

One of my clients recently talked about her newfound desire to start living her life again, after suffering post-traumatic stress for two years. Others testify of overcoming distressing memories of abuse, beating phobias, gaining improvements in sport or life confidence, and many other personal victories.

It’s your mind: so think for yourself!

The reason that people have a misconception about these mind-focused therapies and techniques is, ironically, part of the answer to their problems. People tend to believe the things that other people, the past, and their circumstances, tell them. The truth is that all of us live in the present and have a mind that can think for itself. By learning to control our minds, determining the way they think, and choosing to believe facts and evidence over hearsay and imagination, you really can find the truth.

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