About Linzi

Empower - Transform - Thrive

Linzi, a trauma-informed therapist and facilitator, is on a mission to change society's view on alternative therapies and empower us all with the skills to heal and maintain good mental wellbeing, for life.

Clients See Linzi To Help With: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Panic Attacks 
  • Fears 
  • Menopause Mental Health 
  • Trapped Emotions 
  • Trauma / PTSD
  • Suicide Loss Support 
  • Confidence 

A unique approach of therapy & coaching that stems from many evidence based and science backed methodologies is at the heart of Linzi's work.

Linzi with Lisa Snowden at the Launch of Davina McCall's Book 'Menopausing'

Linzi likes to keep things simple.  Her belief is that when we take ownership for our own recovery, we heal faster. 

By being open to learning and making the changes ourselves with the right guidance and support, we are equipping ourselves with skills for life...and this is worth more than anything.

By targeting the root cause behind the anxiety, fears, panic attacks, stress etc, changing unhelpful beliefs at a sub-conscious level and creating new habits to build resilience, it truly is possible to bounce back from what brought you down. Linzi is living proof of this!

Remember, we are not responsible for the trauma that happens to us, but we are responsible for our own healing.

Clients Wrote This...



Thank you so much for changing my life! My husband can not believe the difference in me. This may sound dramatic but you have potentially saved my marriage!



Linzi has been absolutely amazing for me and my son - we have come a long way with her support and are so grateful to her. She shows real compassion and understanding and I would refer her to anyone needing help and indeed have done on several occasions. 

Thanks Linzi, you are a star!



Honestly doing so well with everything - I can’t thank you enough! Your sessions have been such a life changer. I had a bit of a situation recently (something which previously would’ve set me off) but I remained calm and level headed and it was such a relief and an amazing moment! Once again thank you so much!

You’re an absolute life saver! Thank you!

Beyond The Therapy Room:

Global's 'Make Some Noise' Day with Co-Founders of Suicide & Co Charity

Linzi generously dedicates her time to volunteering, media work, writing and supporting others. Her contributions include:

  • Ambassador for Suicide & Co Charity
    Suicide & Co offer support and resources to those bereaved by suicide loss
  • Contributor to "Menopausing" book by Davina McCall & Dr Naomi Potter
    A small contribution about her menopause journey in this best-selling book
  • Volunteering with Empathy Action 
    A local charity on a global mission to build empathy and inspire action
  • Guest Speaker
    Podcasts / BBC Radio / LBC radio 
  • Fundraiser for Search Dogs Sussex
    Supporting and helping to raise funds for this much needed local charity, helping to locate vulnerable missing persons

Search Dogs Sussex (part of Lowland Rescue)

A dedicated team of volunteers and their clever four-legged friends who help locate vulnerable missing persons day and night.  Linzi met up with the team after search dog Millie and her handlers located her brother in the Ashdown Forest; tragically he had ended his life.

Linzi has experienced trauma and complex grief first hand.  She has also gone through a decade of horrendous peri-menopausal symptoms and is now post menopausal.  Anxiety and panic attacks are now a thing of the past.  An 'older' mum to young twins whilst managing a chronic illness and grieving the sudden loss of her only sibling in 2020, Linzi is living proof that we can defy the odds.

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Trained With (since 2008 to date)


Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna & Michael Neill

Licensed NLP Practitioner – UK

Dr Richard Bandler, Kathleen & John La Valle

Licensed NLP Master Practitioner – UK

Dr Richard Bandler and John La Valle

Design Human Engineer – USA

Dr Richard Bandler and John La Valle

Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning Specialist – USA

Anders Piper and Alessandro de Mora

Licensed Sports Performance Coach – Spain

Anders Piper

LAB Profile Practitioner – Spain

Ali Campbell

Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy – Scotland

Steve Crabb & Tina Taylor

PsychoNeuroImmunology MasterCLASS – UK

Steve Crabb & Tina Taylor

Stop Smoking & Weight Loss MasterCLASS – UK

June O’Driscoll

Diploma in Professional & Clinical Hypnotherapy – UK

Steve Crabb & Tina Taylor

Licensed NLP Practitioner Plus – UK

Steve Crabb & Tina Taylor

Cert. Coaching – UK

Dr Ron Ruden, Paul McKenna & Deborah Tom

Havening ADT Practitioner – UK

Dr’s Ron & Steven Ruden & Paul McKenna

Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner – UK

Havening HQ

Havening Facilitator in UK & USA

  • Global Ambassador & Facilitator for The Havening Techniques®
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Licensed by the Society of NLP
  • Professionally Insured