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Fed Up With Dieting? Overweight? Clothes No Longer Fit? Want To Be Healthier, Fitter and Slimmer Than you Are Now?

Loss Weight with NLP & Hypnosis

My Weight Loss Diet Buster is designed for YOU!

Why Diets Fail over 92% of the time and here’s what you can do about it…

Most weight management strategies are generally set up in one or both of these ways:

    1. they get you onto their own brand of slimming food products and slimming drinks thereby capturing you into spending vast amounts of money on not only subscribing to their ‘weight loss’ programmes but also hiking up your weekly food bills and making you feel totally dependant on eating their products (because as soon as you stop, you’ll put all the weight back on)
    2. they get you counting calories so that when you have a craving for biscuits, you ask yourself “what am I allowed?” or “what am I supposed to do?” and if you go ahead and give into that craving you feel really bad afterwards and starve yourself for the rest of the day because you ‘went over your calorie allowance’.


Dieting will fail over 92% of the time, so if you are wanting long-term healthy results WITHOUT having to diet, then come and see me and I’ll let you into the secrets as to how you can manage your weight without having to buy branded slimming foods or count calories for the rest of your life. And, if you need it, I will also help you get motivated to exercise so you truly can have that fit and healthy body you’ve always wanted.

It's all about your BELIEFS, your HABITS and your EMOTIONS!

Most of us are brought up believing that we have to eat everything on our plate. Remember how when you were young, you couldn’t leave the table until you had eaten every last item of food on your plate. If this sounds familiar to you, then this belief has stayed with you through childhood and into adulthood and as portion sizes increase, you still feel that you have to finish it all, otherwise you’ve wasted good food.

Linzi was brought up being told that it was “good etiquette to leave something on your plate”, and therefore it’s no surprise that her weight is well maintained and easily managed.

Hypnotherapists for Weight Loss

My Weight Loss Diet Buster™ programme comprises of three appointments, generally with seven to fourteen days between each session. Your initial appointment is two hours and the subsequent appointments last approximately one hour each.

My sessions consist of a variety of Hypnosis, NLP and TFT techniques which are unique to each individual and tailored to ensure you get maximum, long-term, healthy results.

Many people are now accomplishing significant results with hypnotherapists for weight loss.Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a highly effective method. Starting from your initial appointment I will provide the necessary support and guidance for you to achieve weight loss by hypnosis. If you haven’t yet found a weight management solution that works, then see what hypnosis for weight loss can do for you.

With hypnotherapy for weight loss you can get positive results. The simple reason is that hypnotherapists for weight loss teach you to remove obstacles in your subconscious giving you personal freedom to take control and consistently make the right choices to achieve your target weight. Weight loss by hypnosis is completely natural, unlike weight loss drugs and invasive procedures. Hypnosis for weight loss is a great way to shed pounds whilst boosting your confidence and self esteem and enriching your life.

So, throw out those slimming drinks and slimming pills now and discover for yourself the easier, healthier and more enjoyable way to manage and maintain your ideal weight by simply giving me a call, sending me an email or popping your details into the form at the top of this page.

Please Note: my Weight Loss Diet Buster™ programme is not designed for eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia or morbid obesity. Significant weight gain over a short period of time can be related to illness and you should discuss this with your GP or health practitioner in the first instance.

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