What is NHR®?

‘Neuro-Hypnotic-Repatterning’® is at the forefront of Dr Richard Bandler’s work, the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP).

NHR uses the hypnotic process to restructure our experiences at a chemical and neurological level. Rather than teaching you how to lead with your mind, NHR teaches you to lead with your feelings. When you learn this, you’ll be learning how to saturate your neurology with the feel good chemicals that changes your state and makes you feel so good. By learning how to do this, you are empowering yourself and how you feel, so when you put yourself in the right state there’s just about nothing that you can’t do.

NHR allows you to redesign how you connect with yourself both mentally and physically. By using your own brain and body in new ways that you will learn in your session(s), you’ll be able to bring about changes to your feelings, thoughts and beliefs to make it easier for you to move faster into the life you dream.

Think of the many things people do, like being afraid or being depressed; a lot of these things create a chemical base in the body. NHR® changes the way you have these feelings and changes responses before people get in the chemical bath of depression or suddenly getting angry or be afraid or shy. They have to start being shy at a certain point, but ahead of that you can get them to do something else. As our knowledge of the chemistry of the brain increases, so too will our ability to control it spiritually, mentally and physically. It is a great and wonderful new adventure as a new vista of knowledge unfolds before us.

Dr Richard Bandler

Warning: LAUGHTER is a side-effect of this process!

Both Chris & Linzi trained directly with Dr Richard Bandler & John La Valle in USA to qualify as Specialist Practitioners in Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NHR).

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