What is NLP™?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or ‘NLP’ is a bit like an ‘owners manual’ for your brain!   Created and developed by creative genius Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder back in the 1970’s, NLP removes the need for months or even years of counselling or psychotherapy to get rid of a problem by using a variety of linguistic techniques to re-program the brain within just one or a few sessions.  It focuses on HOW you think as opposed to WHAT you think. In simple terms, NLP is learning how to learn.

If you are like most people, you don’t want to have to re-live distressing experiences or go back to your childhood to find out the cause of the problem. You want to be able to remove whatever it is that’s holding you back so that you can move on and live your life how you want, rather than being controlled by a fear, phobia, addiction, bad memory etc. It’s not just about removing the negative either. NLP is used to accelerate learning, acquire new skills, enhance your abilities and enhance your feelings so you can feel good for absolutely no reason!

As Human Beings, we have so much potential but do we use our full potential?

The way you communicate with yourself and with others (Linguistic) has an affect on all levels of your nervous system (Neuro) and therefore this can be used for setting up patterns of behaviour (Programming). When your internal processing becomes more effective, your life can become more enjoyable and rewarding.

A Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP can demonstrate a greater understanding of NLP through advanced training and practice, consistently demonstrating the highest degree of competency and skill in order to achieve the certification.  All of my NLP certifications are Licensed by the Society of NLP and signed by Richard Bandler.

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