What is DHE™?

Design Human EngineeringTM created by Dr Richard Bandler is the ‘next generation’ of NLPTM.

Simply put, DHE is about generative change, continuing your personal development by teaching your brain how to do ‘old things’ differently and ‘new things’ exquisitely.  By learning how to build new tools inside your mind by using your brain in new and adventurous ways, you will accelerate your life to a new higher level of enjoyment, richness and wellbeing.

Think about how many really good feelings you have.  However many that may be, it is not enough.  This is where DHE comes into its own because what you may believe is already available to you, it is nowhere near what you are actually capable of.

The ability to design contextual shifts in all parameters simultaneously, is the realm of Design Human Engineering. The models that constitute NLP create sets of distinctions that allow us to communicate better, as well as replicate behaviors that others are able to produce. DHE not only allows you to create new strategies and skills, but also allows you to create better motivation strategies to get the tasks accomplished.

DHE can be combined with NLP, Havening and hypnosis to enrich your life, allowing you to discover a happier, healthier YOU and bring out your OWN GENIUS.   We all have a genius inside of us, but not everyone knows how to find it and use it.   Isn’t it time you found yours? 

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