Supporting Suicide Loss Survivors

My wife Linzi and her brother Stuart who tragically ended his life during lockdown in 2020.

In June 2020 my brother-in-law, Stuart, ended his life.  He was just 48 years old. 

My wife Linzi (his sister) was absolutely devastated.  There were absolutely no signs and no history of any mental illness.  This came completely out of the blue.

With both of us working in the field of mind/mental wellbeing, we felt a lot of guilt that we didn’t notice anything was wrong.  We should have been able to save him.

Linzi lost her only sibling that day but she also found her voice.  From that very moment she has courageously opened up about the shock of losing her brother to suicide, sharing that it’s okay to grieve (openly) and supporting others on this similar journey.

Even more incredible during those first 6 months of being in the depths of devastation and disbelief, she wrote a book about how it feels to lose a loved one to suicide and she started a Community for Suicide Loss Survivors called ‘Paradisium’ (beautifully named as we say Stuart is now in Paradise).  

Her book is called ‘What Suicide Left Behind’ and is available on Amazon and Audible.  You can order your copy or read more here: click here

In full support of my wife and in honour of Stuart, I’m donating the cost of all Consultation Calls to help with her community which also raises much awareness about suicide loss and wellbeing.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by suicide loss, you can reach out to Linzi or follow her pages via the following:

Private Facebook Group

Public Facebook Page

Instagram Profile

Paradisium Website (grief videos and more)

If you have already read her book, or you order a copy today, you can help raise more awareness by writing a review on Amazon as this helps to reach more people on a similar journey.  Every review is greatly appreciated so thank YOU.

What Suicide Left Behind Book
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