The Quick & Easy Way to Overcome Anxiety*

When you’ve been struggling with anxiety it can feel like a life sentence. Maybe you’ve tried a few treatments that haven’t worked?

Or maybe you don’t know where to turn to get help?

Are you tired of feeling anxious, stressed and out of control… and are you ready to change?

Chris Meaden has a wealth of experience treating Anxiety, Panic Attacks and PTSD successfully working with hundreds of clients every year utilising the revolutionary new The Havening Techniques® alongside Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP.  

Chris is one of the most experienced Havening Techniques® practitioners in the world, having trained with Paul McKenna when this groundbreaking new technique was taught in the world’s first Havening training in 2013 by Dr Ron Ruden, Neuroscience, creator of The Havening Techniques®.

Working in Harley Street London, Tunbridge Wells Kent and Internationally Online via Skype and Facetime, clients often travel from all over the world seeking his bespoke services.

Chris With Paul McKenna

Chris and Linzi with Dr Ron Ruden, Neuroscientist, creator of The Havening Techniques®, and Paul McKenna – Los Angeles

Here's What Clients Say About His Anxiety Therapy Sessions*

These are a selection of the most common conditions Chris treats in clinic:

  • Relationship Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Workplace Anxiety
  • Health Anxiety
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Presentation and Public Speaking Anxiety
  • Examination and Interview Nerves
  • Panic Attacks / Disorder
  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Lockdown 
  • Coronavirus anxiety
  • Agoraphobia
  • Monophobia
  • Emetophobia
  • Claustrophobic
  • Pseudodysphagia

Had Enough of Anxiety, Feeling Anxious and Being Stressed?

As we know, too much stress can cause serious ill health.   A little stress every now and then is not going to do any harm, but when it happens on a weekly, daily, hourly basis or even feels as though it’s there permanently, then you need to do something about it before it takes over your life (if it hasn’t done so already).

Life happens and is going on all around us, whether we are fully participating or not.  How is it that some people appear more resilient than others?  When life throws an unexpected obstacle, some just find a new way to deal with it and grow from their learnings, whilst others may struggle, become ill, anxious and suffer for months or years afterwards?

What makes the experiences and the outcomes different for us all?

  • our conditioning,
  • our history,
  • the landscape of our brains (the chemical state at any given time)
  • our ability to be flexible and adaptable

…these hold the clues we need and this is where we work to make the difference.

You could look at Anxiety like this (according to a well-known quote):

Whilst these are ‘labels’ and generalised, it’s a way to explain how and what we are doing in our minds, giving us the ability to change.

Probably Depressed = living in the past

Focusing on what’s happened repeatedly, worrying about what happened, feeling trapped, exhausted, mentally drained, making comparisons to how things were in the past.

Probably Anxious = living in the future

What if X happens, worrying about things that haven’t happened yet or may not even happen, fearful for the worst, feeling uncomfortable in the present, mentally exhausted and nervous.

Probably at Peace = living in the present (Our Desired State)

Being in the here and now, at one with self, authentic, able to fully immerse self in the moment, mentally alive, doing one’s best.

How To Beat Anxiety and Stress

By knowing how our minds work, we know that alcohol, drugs, chocolate, medications and similar coping mechanisms are not the solution here.  It may feel like a way to escape from the anxieties and stresses of your life, but it’s temporary and the effects of repeating those habits are just prolonging your suffering further, even if you are not aware of this right now.

Take back that control of you and your mind.  After all, we are only given one mind and one body at birth so investing in keeping both mind and body well and being able to respond to life better, is your right, is it not?

Chris says:-

“You are the expert on YOU and we are the experts in your MIND!  Together we can work to clear stress and anxiety and create a better space, cultivating more resilience and a stronger mindset.”

How does this process work?

There is no medication, no equipment required and you do not need to take any action other than attending the session(s).

The treatment simply allows your brain to manage your stress levels so that each day is no longer a battle against anxiety. You can start focusing on what’s important to you… whether that’s your family, your career, your relationship… and you’ll be free from anxiety and able to live your life the way YOU want to.

Chris explains the process...

By using a unique combination of Havening Techniques®, NLP and Hypnotherapy during your 1-1 session(s),  we are specifically targeting what needs to change, changing your chemical state to release more good mood chemistry and all those feel good hormones and giving you a new skill set for life.

The greatest gift you can give yourself (or a loved one) is the gift that allows you to free your mind, let go of past traumas, limiting beliefs, anxieties, fears and distress.  Only then can you see a brighter outlook and get a taste for better things to come.

Think about this……when was the last time you felt totally at ease, calm, balanced and totally relaxed……..and this feeling lasted for days?

Just fast forward in your life for a moment and look back at you having had lived your life as you do now.  Are you the person you wanted to be?  How do you see yourself?  How do others see you?  What do you wish you could have changed?  What would have benefited you to let go of?  What could you have done differently?

Change only begins with yourself first, so by now, you’re ready to change.  Let us know by getting in touch……the sooner you do, the sooner you can feel reassured that you have already taken the first step to a more peaceful, calmer, relaxed future.

Start feeling excited about your future

When you break free from anxiety you can begin to look at the future with a sense of wonder and joy that you’ve probably forgotten you ever felt.

You’ll get real enjoyment out of life again and anxiety will feel like a distant memory