Overcoming Anxiety, Fear, and Panic: Find Relief with The Meaden Method

If you've been battling anxiety, it might feel like a never-ending struggle. Perhaps you've attempted various treatments without success, or maybe you're unsure where to seek help.

Are you exhausted from feeling anxious, stressed, and out of control? Are you ready for a change?

Chris Meaden brings extensive experience in treating anxiety ,Panic AttacksPTSD and Phobias. Each year, he helps hundreds of clients using the innovative  Havening Techniques® along with Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP. Currently, Chris offers his services online, as well as in-person in London and Tunbridge Wells.

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Chris & Linzi with Dr Ron Ruden, Neuro-scientist, creator of The Havening Techniques®, and Paul McKenna in Los Angeles

As we know, excessive stress can lead to serious health issues. While occasional stress is harmless, persistent stress—whether it occurs weekly, daily, hourly, or even feels constant—necessitates action before it dominates your life, if it hasn't already.

Life unfolds around us, whether we engage fully or not. Why do some people seem more resilient? When faced with unexpected challenges, some adapt, learn, and grow, while others may struggle, becoming ill or anxious, suffering for months or years.

What accounts for these varied experiences and outcomes? Our conditioning, our history, the current chemical state of our brains, our capacity for flexibility and adaptability. 

These factors offer clues to where we can effect change.

Consider this perspective on anxiety, inspired by a well-known quote: While these are generalised 'labels,' they help us understand our mental processes and provide avenues for change.

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Why Listen To Me?

I began my career in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy in 2004, guided by Dr. Richard Bandler, a pioneer of NLP. I hold advanced certifications in both NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy and have served as an International Trainer for Havening Techniques. This role highlights my commitment to advancing therapeutic methods. My approach is continually enhanced through active participation in global workshops and seminars, ensuring I offer the most current personal development techniques to my clients. For more details about my background and qualifications, please visit my About Page.

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About Anxiety Disorders 

Anxiety disorders encompass a range of conditions that involve excessive and persistent worry, fear, and nervousness. These disorders differ significantly from normal feelings of nervousness, often being more intense, lasting longer, and leading to substantial distress and problems in functioning.

What is Anxiety? 

Anxiety is a natural human response to stress. It's a feeling of fear or apprehension about what's to come. However, when these feelings become constant and overwhelming—interfering with daily activities—it may be an indication of generalised anxiety disorder. Anxiety can manifest through various physical and emotional symptoms, including restlessness, increased heart rate, difficulty concentrating, rapid breathing, and feelings of impending doom.

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Let's take a closer look at the symptoms anxiety sufferers experience:

Physical Symptoms:

  • Racing Heart: Your heart feels like it's sprinting a marathon, even when you're at rest.
  • Shortness of Breath: Breathing becomes shallow, and you may feel like you can't get enough air.
  • Sweating: Profuse sweating, even in cool conditions.
  • Trembling or Shaking: Uncontrollable trembling or shaking of your body.
  • Nausea or Stomach Issues: Digestive discomfort or a persistent feeling of butterflies.
  • Muscle Tension: Your muscles tighten, leading to aches and pains.

Mental Symptoms:

  • Excessive Worry: Overthinking, anticipating the worst, and struggling to switch off your thoughts.
  • Irrational Fears: Fearing situations or things that others find manageable.
  • Intrusive Thoughts: Disturbing, unwanted thoughts that create anxiety.
  • Difficulty Concentrating: Finding it hard to focus on tasks due to anxiety.
  • Feeling on Edge: A constant sense of unease and restlessness.
  • Fear of Losing Control: Worries about losing control or going 'crazy'.

Behavioural Symptoms:

  • Avoidance: Avoiding situations or places that trigger anxiety.
  • Compulsions: Repeating behaviours to reduce anxiety. 
  • Social Isolation: Withdrawing from friends and family due to fear.
  • Procrastination: Avoiding tasks due to anxiety.
  • Substance Abuse: Turning to substances to cope with anxiety.
  • Restlessness: Inability to relax or sit still.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help Anxiety?

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, my solution focused approach combines the powerful techniques of NLP, Havening, and Clinical Hypnotherapy to deliver a holistic treatment. This approach is tailored to alieviate symptoms of anxiety and other mental health conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder and trauma. 

We'll not only address your immediate symptoms, but also helps you to take back control of your life. NLP helps reshape your cognitive patterns, Havening Techniques® reduce emotional distress, and clinical hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious to instill deep behavioural changes. 

Together, solution focused hypnotherapy helps to create a comprehensive healing environment, enabling you to achieve lasting freedom from anxiety and panic disorder.

What Happens During a Hypnotherapy Session?

As you begin hypnotherapy sessions, you’ll find yourself equipped with new perspectives and tools that empower you to handle your anxiety more effectively. During your hypnotherapy session, we'll empower you to move past your anxiety and remove the fear you're experiencing.

The Meaden Method for Treating Anxiety

The Meaden method is a process that uses Havening Techniques®, NLP, and Hypnotherapy in my one-on-one sessions, targeting specific changes needed to alter your chemical state and treat anxiety. This shift releases beneficial mood-enhancing hormones and equips you with new skills for life. The greatest gift you can offer yourself—or a loved one—is the freedom from past traumas, limiting beliefs, anxieties, fears, and distress. Only then can you embrace a brighter outlook, anticipate a better future and overcome anxiety. 

Reflect on this: when was the last time you felt completely at ease, calm, balanced, and relaxed—and that feeling lasted for days? Imagine fast-forwarding your life to assess if you've become the person you wanted to be. How do you see yourself and how do others see you? What changes do you wish you had made?

Change starts with you, and if you're ready, reach out. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you'll feel assured that you’ve taken the first step towards a more peaceful, calmer, and relaxed future.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety FAQs:

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about anxiety disorders and hypnotherapy for anxiety below: 

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  • The Meaden Method

  • Logistics

Does hypnosis work for anxiety?

Yes, hypnosis can be effective for managing anxiety and other conditions like obsessive compulsive disorder. It involves guided self hypnosis techniques and deep concentration to achieve a mild trance-like state. During hypnotherapy, the therapist may help the patient develop better coping mechanisms and reframe anxiety-inducing thoughts. Studies have shown that hypnotherapy can reduce anxiety by calming the nervous system and helping individuals to change unhelpful thought patterns and make a positive change. 

What is the success rate of hypnotherapy for anxiety?

The success rate of hypnotherapy for anxiety varies widely among individuals. Effectiveness depends on several factors, including the severity of the anxiety, the specific techniques used, the skill of the therapist, and the patient's responsiveness to hypnosis. Most of my clients only require 1-2 sessions, whereas talking therapy alone usually requires a minimum of 5. 

What is the 3 3 3 rule for anxiety?

The 3 3 3 rule is a simple technique used to help calm an anxious mind. The rule directs you to notice and name three things you can see, three sounds you can hear, and move three parts of your body (such as your ankle, fingers, and shoulders). This method helps bring your focus away from the source of anxiety and toward your immediate surroundings, which can help reduce feelings of anxiety.

How many sessions of hypnotherapy are needed for anxiety?

The number of hypnotherapy sessions needed for anxiety can vary depending on the individual's response to treatment. Using The Meaden Method, 91% of my clients get the results they're looking for in 1-2 sessions. A hypnotherapist will usually tailor the treatment plan based on the patient’s progress and specific needs.

Can hypnosis cure anxiety and panic attacks?

While hypnosis is not a cure for anxiety in all cases, it is a valuable tool for managing and alleviating symptoms and can remove anxiety symptoms completly. Hypnotherapy can help modify the thought patterns that contribute to anxiety and panic attacks, providing relief and improving overall coping strategies. At my clinic, most clients require 1-2 sessions to get over their anxiety. 

How long does it take for hypnosis to work for anxiety?

The time it takes for hypnosis to work for anxiety can vary. Some individuals may notice improvements in their anxiety levels immediately after a session, while for others, it might take several sessions to begin seeing significant changes. The benefits of hypnotherapy can also be cumulative, meaning they build over time as the person continues to practice and reinforce the techniques learned during sessions. It is a relaxing and positive process towards healing, that leads to long-term improvements. 

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