The Power of the Mind at The Olympics

Watching the Olympics this year is oh so different to when we watched in 2008 as we are both much more aware of the types of strategies the athletes use - mental training is just as important as physical training.

 Congratulations to Lizzie Armitstead for achieving the first GB medal today (silver) and as I'm typing this I believe another medal has just been one for swimming (bronze) - well done to Rebecca Adlington!

 Watching Lizzie in the cycling, there was that pivotal moment on the last straight km when she had to decide exactly when to 'go for it' and break away from the other two.  I'm curious to know how she made that decision - did she tell herself to 'go now'; did she see herself doing it or did she get a feeling and acted upon that?  And how did she get that final power of strength needed to see her through to the end?  Whatever her strategy, she secured herself a much deserved silver medal.  Brilliant!

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