The Havening Techniques – How This Powerful Method Works

To Find Out How This Powerful Method Works, Click Here

In May 2013, Chris and I qualified as certified Havening (ADT) Practitioners in the world first training under the expert supervision of Dr Ronald Ruden (creator of The Havening Techniques), Paul McKenna and fellow experts.

We have been using Havening with our clients since 2012 and continue to be amazed by how fast significant encoded traumas can become detached, removing years, sometimes decades of emotional pain and suffering, so that personal freedom can be achieved.

We are thrilled to be facilitating at this year’s Havening event in London – a 2 day weekend event in May 2014.  This ‘must attend’ event is open to anyone who wants to come and learn this psychosensory therapy either for themselves or to help others to finally be free from the past.

To join us and the creator, Dr Ron Ruden, his co-developer, Steven Ruden, plus Paul McKenna and other experienced Haveners to learn the science behind how Havening works, AND, how to experience it for yourself, just click on the image below.  We look forwards to seeing you there!

To Find Out How This Powerful Method Works, Click Here

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