Why Do I Charge For Consultation Call?

With many therapists and coaches offering FREE consultation or 'discovery' calls, why am I different by charging a fee?  Well, here's why:

1) In a moment of despair or in the middle of a panic attack, people often search online for help. They will book a consultation call that's a few days in advance, BUT, because the immediacy of the problem may have reduced or has gone, many people often don't bother to cancel the call and just don't show up, therefore taking time in my diary that could have been helping them or someone else, like you.

2) When something is free, people are less likely to commit to following it through.

3) By making payment, you are more likely to take the time to check more information on the website to see whether the services are right for your needs, as well as the costs of the sessions.

4) If I block out my diary for consultation calls which are no-shows, this effectively means I can't work with clients who are genuinely needing help and are wanting to improve their wellbeing.

5) I donate the cost of ALL consultation calls to The Suicide Loss Survivors Community that my wife set up in 2021 in honour of her brother Stuart who ended his life during lockdown in 2020. Click Here for details.

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