Rape Survivor Recovery from PTSD using Havening Techniques®

This is a short video with a lovely young lady who shares, in her own words, how she has overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from a horrific rape at the age of fifteen years old. She describes how Havening Techniques® helped to remove traumatic memories and consequences of that event.  Charlie shares her thoughts after the initial session and again 2 months later.

What makes this lady so special is that she gives hope to so many other women who have suffered from rape. She has given full permission to share this story so that other people can get help and provide hope for others.

I see so many women who have been raped or sexually abused.  They have tried and failed to resolve the issues that have arisen as a consequence to those events.

It never ceases to amaze me how the use of The Havening Techniques® can remove traumatic memories from someone in minutes when they may have lived with the trauma, the pain, the negative emotions, the fear and everything else associated with what they went through.  I often work with clients who have been suffering with the consequences for decades and The Havening Techniques® helps them just as effectively.

Thank you to Charlie for sharing this -  you are an angel 🙂

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