Linzi Qualifications

Trained With (since 2008 to date) Training / Qualifications
Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna & Michael Neill Licensed NLP Practitioner – UK
Dr Richard Bandler, Kathleen & John La Valle Licensed NLP Master Practitioner – UK
Dr Richard Bandler and John La Valle Design Human Engineer – USA
Dr Richard Bandler and John La Valle Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning Specialist – USA
Anders Piper and Alessandro de Mora Licensed Sports Performance Coach – Spain
Anders Piper LAB Profile Practitioner – Spain
Ali Campbell Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy – Scotland
Steve Crabb & Tina Taylor PsychoNeuroImmunology MasterCLASS – UK
Steve Crabb & Tina Taylor Stop Smoking & Weight Loss MasterCLASS – UK
June O’Driscoll Diploma in Professional & Clinical Hypnotherapy – UK
Steve Crabb & Tina Taylor Licensed NLP Practitioner Plus – UK
Steve Crabb & Tina Taylor Cert. Coaching – UK
Dr Ron Ruden, Paul McKenna & Deborah Tom Havening ADT Practitioner – UK
Dr’s Ron & Steven Ruden & Paul McKenna Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner – UK
Havening HQ Havening Facilitator in UK & USA
Global Ambassador & Faciliator for The Havening Techniques
Licensed by the Society of NLP
Registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register
Professionally Insured

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