Client Confidentiality

We take client confidentiality seriously at all times and you have our assurance that we will never pass on your details or personal information to any third parties.

Private Entrance:

Because of the nature of your profession or for other personal reasons, you may not wish to be seen entering my clinic in Harley Street.   To safeguard your privacy, we can offer you a private, discreet entrance so that your visit will be un-noticed and free from any unnecessary invasion.

Client Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement:

As an extension of this service, for our clients who are in the ‘public-eye’, you may naturally have some concern about the security of your personal information and everything that is said and discussed during our session(s).  For these reasons, you can protect your identity with a Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement that we both sign (and this of course can be tailored to suit your individual circumstances).

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