When Do You Stop and Think About How You Think?

Do you ever stop and think about HOW you think?  How do your thoughts impact on how you feel?  How does this impact on what you do?

I wish when I was at school we had lessons on how to run our own minds…………perhaps we wouldn’t have so many people suffering from anxieties, fears, phobias, excessive worry, over-thinking, over-analysing and so much more today.

Just stop for a moment.  Breathe.  Focus on your internal dialogue.  How does it sound to you?  How fast or how slow do you hear your thoughts?  What’s the tonality, the volume, the pitch?  What language do you speak to yourself in?  What are the emotions attached to what you think?  Are you encouraging, supportive, loving, motivating?  Are you a bully to yourself?  Are you judging yourself and others, making comparisons, creating assumptions?  Is your mind running away from you?!

Make the time to take the time every day to spend a few moments simply adjusting how you think……………….and after a while, you’ll notice what happens and you’ll look back and realise what you changed and what was different and continues to be different now.

Stop letting others run your own mind…………..take back what is yours and learn how to run your own mind for yourself!  You’ll be so glad you did.



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