Fear of Flying Written Testimonial

…….I wanted to drop you a line to let you know my news.....I flew to Jersey last Friday and home yesterday with my husband!!!!

I am so so proud of myself and could not have done it without you! I practised all you taught me and kept telling myself I choose how I feel. I was still anxious in the departure lounge but in control and fine on the plane and actually enjoyed take off. My husband said I'm his hero for being so calm.  I have been singing your praises to friends and family. So I thank you with all of my heart x  - Michelle

UPDATE - 2 years later

Hi Linzi

I am very proud to say I have flown to Jersey, and Cannes and actually enjoy it! I put all of the things you taught me in place and not just with flying, I use the same thoughts in any stressful situations. You really truly changed my life and I can't thank you enough.  Michelle xx

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