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The Meaden Method Works For:

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma and PTSD can take a devastating toll on those affected, and their families. Fortunately, there is hope, and it no longer requires months or years of ongoing therapy.  Thanks to neuroscience and advancements in trauma therapy, we are now able to release the trauma and its consequences faster than ever before using The Meaden Method.

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious? Maybe stress is becoming too much and you feel exhausted. Perhaps Panic Attacks are preventing you from doing things you used to be able to do easily. There is a way to change all of this. By targeting the Amygdala, our centre for emotions, fears, encoded trauma etc, we are able to clearly panic and anxiety more easily than ever before.

Fears & Phobias

We are only born with two fears and yet many people suffer with so much more, and many can be debilitating.  When fears and phobias are beginning to rule your life, it's time to do something about it.  The Meaden Method is a modality that provides rapid change, whether it's a fear of socialising or a phobia of spiders.  

Success Coaching

As a Mind Coach & Therapist, I can help you unlock your true potential and achieve extraordinary things. Whether it's a personal need or a professional goal, or both, you will get to experience some powerful techniques combined with a wealth of knowledge that has the power to transform you and your world.

Chris Meaden


Hi, I'm Chris Meaden

A highly experienced rapid change therapist and success coach, with a passion for helping my clients reach their highest potential. In the past two decades, I've developed the necessary skills to help people swiftly overcome obstacles and challenges - without the need for lengthy drawn out sessions that take months or even years.

Based in the UK, I work with clients around the globe thanks to technology, allowing us to connect over zoom.  Whether we work together online or face to face in person; there's very little difference and online offers more flexibility and accessibility for everyone.

If you do wish to see me in person, I make scheduled trips to Dubai each year.

International Rapid Change Specialist

How The Meaden Method Works


Book in a CONFIDENTIAL consultation call with me on Zoom to discuss your needs and check that we can work together.


Submit your New Client Questionnaire and Life Audit Questionnaire to me online for review.


I then create a tailored TREATMENT PLAN, specially designed to suit your individual needs to give you the greatest possible results. Get ready for a positive change!


After your first session, you'll have access to my EXCLUSIVE Support & Resilience Building Program for ongoing guidance and care. This will add towards your personal healing and growth!

Unlocking Extraordinary Results with The Meaden Method

After years of experience and a sharp insight, Chris has the power to help you transform your life. His skill at uncovering hidden barriers will guide you towards solutions that can improve all aspects of your wellbeing for lasting change. If true progress is what you seek, then look no further than his wealth of knowledge and resources!

A Different Approach to Trance-Forming You!

Get to the root cause behind your limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, panic attacks, self-doubt, stress, anxieties, emotional pain, addictions, bad habits, poor mental wellbeing and so much more.

The Meaden Method is my own methodology utilising some of the best elements from NLP, TFT, Hypnosis, Havening Techniques® and Positive Psychology from many years of experience and training, which has been validated by successful treatment of thousands of clients.

91% of clients get the results they are looking for in just one or two sessions.*

Presenting in Los Angeles with Dr Ron Ruden (creator of The Havening Techniques®), Paul McKenna Phd and Linzi Meaden

What Makes 'The Meaden Method' Different?

Unlike talk therapy or psychoanalysis, The Meaden Method targets the root cause, even if you don't know what it is.  This is the power behind what I do.

Every day I get to facilitate life changing transformations as you will see from my many testimonials. Clients will often refer friends, colleagues and family members to me and I also receive referrals from medical doctors and other therapists.  These referrals are testament to The Meaden Method which I developed to help people all around the world, including you.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental health or mental wellbeing is just as important, if not more so, than our physical health.  We can spend a fortune and lots of time on keeping physically fit, taking multi-vitamins and supplements - any sign of physical pain or injury, we tend to seek help immediately.

And yet, with our mental health, we still have a tendancy to avoid dealing with it. Or we find alternative ways to get through it but never actually get to the root cause to clear it.

Working with Chris offers you real hope for a brighter future.  We are starting to welcome and understand newer psychological and therapeutic ways to improve our mental health and The Meaden Method is leaps ahead of many now dated therapeutic models.

Are You Really Okay....?

Often, we wait too long before we ask for help.  Too many reasons can stop us from dealing with our stress, anxieties, fears, worries and distressing emotions and when we don't address these, we can then end up with serious mental health illness and challenges. Depression, addictions, chronic anxiety, phobias, PTSD, suicidal thoughts.......the list is endless.  This doesn't just affect us, it affects our relationships, our careers, our family life, our entire world.

If you check in on how you are feeling today, or if there's a particular issue that's been bothering you and you answer 'YES' to the responses circled in the graphic, then it's time to book in a consultation call with Chris right now (before something else gets in the way!).

Just imagine how you would feel if you cleared those past traumatic events, your limiting beliefs, your self-doubts, fears and worries.  How much better would your life be as a result?  What would you be doing instead?  How would you be spending your time right now?  Makes you think about what you are missing out on right?

Real Success Stories

Aftercare Support

All clients experience my exclusive Support & Resilience Building Program, and for the first 21 days it's yours absolutely free! This life-changing program will give you all the insight, guidance, and support that you need in order to unlock your own potential – so don't wait a moment longer. Join me on this empowering journey today!



It's made me feel emotionally happy, to tell you the truth... This is the way out..It is absolutely amazing. I feel I've won the lottery, to tell the truth.


PTSD from Near Death Experience

I can say he has changed my life completely and utterly, and I wished I found him a lot sooner than paying over £10,000 pounds in private mental health help.


Complex Trauma 

What I did with you went so much deeper and further and so much more effect. I think it was amazing. Im back :) 

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Chris has extensive experience in helping men and women overcome the symptoms of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD and so much more. You are not alone; help is available.