Fear of Spiders (Arachnophobia)

Are Spiders Ruining Your Life?

House spiders love to visit us in our homes, particularly during the months of September, October and November.  For many people, it’s not an issue.  However, for a significant number of people who fear these eight-legged creatures, it can make your life a misery!  Constantly being on red alert with a watchful eye everywhere you go, not knowing what’s lurking behind the curtains, ready to jump out from the plughole or waiting to surprise you as you wrap your bath towel around you……a fear of spiders can cause immense anxiety and feels like you are in your own horror movie!

The good news is that a Fear of Spiders is something that you’ve learnt or created in your mind.  It’s not something you were born with and therefore you CAN get rid of the fear, and quickly!

The brain learns fast meaning it can change fast too.  When a panic or traumatic event or fear first occurs, the landscape of the brain at that moment, along with the meaning of the experience, such as, “I could die” and the perceived inescapability, such as “I feel trapped” permanently encodes the memory with the attached emotion in the brain.  The brain then uses this to apply the same or similar emotions of fear, or terror, or panic to future events or experiences that generally match.  So instead of being scared of just one specific spider that appeared in the kitchen on a specific day, the brain generalises that all spiders above a certain size are scary and presents the fear whether it’s in your bath or a picture in a magazine.

How can I get rid of my Fear of Spiders for good?

…..is it possible to remove the embedded fear, which in this case is a fear of spiders?   The answer is “Yes!”   US Neuroscientist, Dr Ron Ruden has created and developed a remarkable technique that is scientifically proven to change the brain chemistry and release the emotion that was causing the fear.  Once the emotion has been removed or de-linked, you will no longer be able to experience your fear the way you used to; it will seem fuzzy and unfocused, or further away in the distant past with detachment from the emotion, or the picture in your mind when you think about it may be sharper but the feelings are gone.

This breakthrough technique in healing is called The Havening Technique and is advocated by self-help guru Paul McKenna who has worked closely with Ron, and together they have used this on over 9,000 cases, helping to remove traumas, phobias, fears, panic and more.

You're in Good Hands!

Myself and Linzi (who used to be petrified of spiders) are both Certified Havening Practitioners and currently two of less than 100 people trained across the world.   With the combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and The Havening Technique our clients achieve fast permanent results in just one session.

Take action now and be free from Fear of Spiders!

Chris with Paul McKenna & Dr Ron Ruden

Paul McKenna, Chris Meaden & Dr Ron Ruden

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“Dr. Ruden’s work (The Havening Technique) has been hailed as a remarkable breakthrough. What used to take months to repair we can do in minutes.

It has huge implications for healthcare professionals dealing with problems like this all the time”.*

Paul McKenna

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