Fear of Loud Noises also known as Phonophobia, ligyrophobia or sonophobia Client Testimonial

I met this confident lady recently at a business networking event. Claire had lived with a phobia of loud noises (Phonophobia) for 46 years unable to enjoy fireworks, parties and terrified whenever thunderstorms occurred.

Instances such as Bonfire night and New Year were an especially challenging time of the year for her because of the constant loud banging. She knew in her mind to be expecting those loud bangs and that they were only fireworks- it’s the not knowing of when the fireworks will actually go off. Even during our session together claire heard the sound of a motorcycle miss firing in the street that set her on edge and into a panic.

As we uncovered the origin of this phobia we discovered that so much more was attached to a childhood traumatic event.

Now she is free from the phobia of fear of loud noises and so much more confident.

So if you suffer from this phobia or similar get in touch and live your life free from fear.

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