Fear of Flying Written Testimonial


Just felt the absolute need to contact you and thank you for the help that you gave me the other week when I came to see you at your Tunbridge Wells Consulting rooms.

L and I flew out from Gatwick to Portugal and returned in the early hours of today - 16th September.

As you know I have not flown for over 30 years as the previous time I found the experience quite frankly terrifying. The session that you spent with myself and the ongoing self help techniques that you demonstrated and taught me were simply amazing. I had no problems either outbound or on the return trip, even though it was quite bumpy on the return trip, so much so that Louise was quite nervous and I was able to help her - an incredible turnaround after seeing you a matter of days before flying.

A lady behind us was extremely nervous, indeed anxious during the duration of the takeoff and flight, the stewards were admirable in keeping her calm, however after landing, I spoke to her and gave her your name with a recommendation that she comes to see you, quite coincidently she and her family live in the Tunbridge Wells area. I did not enquire her name but sincerely hope that she does come to you as the results were startling for me.

L and I are now planning a trip to France with the car on the Shuttle before Christmas, a trip to somewhere hot in February, obviously flying and the a long haul trip for later next year.

Chris and Linzi, I send you a thousand thank you's – Simon (Sept 2014)

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