Scared of Spiders?

Here is an example of someone who was absolutely terrified of spiders from early childhood (in fact, from the very first time she encountered one) and was only able to hold this tarantula after a hypnosis and NLP session.  The real test though is not holding this tarantula, as scary as that may seem to some, it’s the impact the hypnosis and NLP has had ever since and to this very day.   Common house spiders (large, abnormally large and small) are the real test once treatment has been carried out and I know for a fact that this individual is able to deal with everyday spiders in a more calm and caring way without any stress, anxiety or loss of life (the spider).    I know this for a fact, because this is a picture of my wife and believe me, on a scale of 1-10 of her spider phobia, she was 1000000!

Now, this treatment of hypnosis and NLP was carried out as a demonstration during training by Paul McKenna back in 2008 and it just goes to prove that no matter how long you’ve had your fear or phobia or anxiety and no matter how deeply programmed it is into your mind, YOU CAN remove it with hypnosis and NLP.




My wife (ex-arachnophic) holding ‘Cruella’ the tarantula in 2008

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