Weight Loss IS Actually Quite Simple

“Eat Less, Move More!”

What’s that I hear you say?  You’ve tried that and it hasn’t worked…………….hmmmm, something not quite right there then.

Okay, “Eat Less, Move More” is, for many people, just words.  “If it were that simple, everyone would be doing it and everyone would be slim and healthy”, they say.  There are some people, including myself and Chris who actually do this and yes, we are our ideal weight and that’s how we maintain it (and we still get to eat chocolate, drink wine and feast on a full-English breakfast whenever we like!)

When people say they have “tried” something, what they are actually saying (sub-consciously) is “I did it once or partly or for a bit and then stopped because, excuse, excuse, excuse and therefore it didn’t work”.  ‘Trying’ means you are expecting that it may fail.  ‘Doing’ means you are doing it and if you are doing it and doing it right, then it’s right and it works.  Why make something more complicated than it is?

Now I realise that eating less doesn’t map out exactly what ‘less’ is.  Is it 2 peas on a plate or a portion of fish ‘n’ chips with mushy peas, ketchup, salt, vinegar and a battered sausage thrown in just in case that was too small a portion!  What’s less for one person may be different to another person’s definition of ‘less’.  Therefore knowing what ‘eating less’ means will help greatly on your path to losing weight.

So that brings me onto the other set of words in this relationship: “Move More”.  Move what?  House?  Bishop to Knight in a game of chess?  Your left foot?  Well of course not, unless that’s something you are intending on doing anyway!  ‘Move More’ simply means get up, off and out of the sofa, bed, chair, floor and actively do something, whether it’s walking, running, skipping, hoovering, putting the remote control in the corner of the room so you have to get up and move yourself everytime you want to change channels, swim, walk up and down your stairs at least 10 times per day, do star-jumps every morning!  Whatever it is, do more of it and enjoy the release of happy endorphins that you get when you do it!

When we work with clients who want to lose weight, we share and install into them the strategies of thin/slim people and yes, “eat less, move more” is essentially what it is all about and when they listen to learn and follow our instructions and most importantly, take responsibility for themselves, guess what?  They lose weight and maintain their healthy ideal weight for the rest of their lives because they have changed their behaviours, they make better, smarter choices and they no longer comfort eat when they are emotional.  Because their habits have changed, consumption of processed foods are significantly reduced, taste buds and smells are enhanced and PH levels are restored, having consumed less acidic foods and more alkaline foods.  I’ll be blogging on why you need to know about acid/alkaline levels in your body soon (and why acidic bodies hold onto excess fat), so watch this space.

Weight loss really is quite simple!

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