Masterclass: Females Only: How to Feel That You Are More Than Enough 

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An interact intimate virtual workshop via Zoom.

1) Intro – The power is in your hands
2) Getting control of your inner critic so that you have control over your internal dialogue.
3) Letting go of the past so that you can focus on the future in a different light.
4) Freeing yourself of negative emotions, such as Fear, Shame, Blame, Guilt, Anger, Embarrassment and Sadness, etc.
5) Crushing limiting beliefs, holding you back from being the best you.
6) Creating a compelling future.

Date And Time

Saturday 23-01-2021 @ 2pm


Four hours 

Registration End Date

Friday 22-01-2021


Online Interactive Zoom Event.

Ticket Price

£197 Early Bird £97

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It's a journey for me. And you were actually there at the very start of the journey and all that time ago, and for me it's just like being wrapped up in rainbows. I know that sounds really bizarre way to look at it, but it's like being wrapped up in rainbows. You know, it's just like it's having the tools. obviously, the tools to keep moving forward, to keep progressing to keep getting better, to keep getting to that place where I want to be. Yeah, and that's what it's all about. 


Business Owner

I have a really good vision of myself to be more successful and more confident. And it is quite difficult when you don't get any time on your own as mum parenting. Yeah, to visualise things but obviously you've told me Chris how important it is for me to do that for myself. Suddenly, grateful that I've had that now because I couldn't, I could see it again now I can go back and see I will update in my car I can, I can reinstall that in myself. I'm just so really grateful, really grateful for you grounding me again.



I feel so happy I'm just really, really happy and I'm really excited. Yeah, and confident.

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