Chris Meaden International Trainer Havening Techniques

Chris Meaden Joins Elite International Training Team

Ever since Chris saw a Havening Demonstration by Paul McKenna in 2012, he just knew this was a methodology that he had to learn for his clients to experience and benefit from.

Research led Chris and myself (Linzi) to attending the world first Havening training event in London 2013.  A very intense and in-depth 2 days of learning about the brain with the creator himself, Dr Ronald Ruden, Neuroscientist, Neuropharmacologist and Medical Doctor from New York.

Since then, we have studied to become Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioners and have assisted Dr Ronald Ruden and his brother Dr Steven Ruden at their trainings in London, New  York and Los Angeles.

Because of the powerful changes we see when using Havening with our clients, Chris continued his learnings in the hope of joining the global team of highly talented Trainers.

I am delighted and thrilled to announced that in October 2015, Chris earned his position within this incredible team as an International Trainer of The Havening Techniques®.  There are just 18 Trainers globally and Chris will specialise in mentoring and delivering trainings to forward thinking Psychologists, Doctors, Psychiatrists, NLP Practitioners, Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, Trauma Specialists and other similar professionals across West Coast USA and Dubai.

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