Cocaine Addiction - Written Testimonial - Chris Meaden

Addictions Written Testimonial

After 20 years of taking cocaine once or twice a week and binge drinking, I really wanted to change my ways. With the effects of my bad habits on my body becoming more apparent an my suffering the following day becoming worse and lasting longer ,I decided I had to make some changes.

For as long as I could remember the weekend would come an those habitual couple of drinks would lead to taking a few lines which would lead to lots more drinks and more lines and more drinks to then me waking up feeling terrible, filled with dread and guilt , annoyed with myself for what I had done to my body , ashamed of my out of control behaviour , often being sick and struggling to get through the day . Sometimes having to cancel plans for feeling too unwell , disgusted at the waste of money too. So many times the day after I would tell myself . That's it! Never again! I'm stopping this! I would manage to stop until the weekend came or that social event where as soon as two drinks had passed my lips and then my will power would disappear and the whole cycle would start again.

Feeling like I was on an emotional roller coaster and realising that I couldn't actually stop this cycle on my own, 13 months ago I googled some help.

I came up with Chris and Linzi Meaden, nervous and apprehensive I left a message, as soon as Linzi called me I felt that a weight had been lifted from my mind, our first conversation made me feel positive and determined, I wasn't sure if their methods would work, whether it was worth the money etc but decided to take that risk.

From my first session with Chris I felt calmer and positive, then other aspects of my life seemed to improve .

I learnt how to make choices about what I did and didn't want to do. I learnt to control my drinking and to stop at a couple of drinks and to not just carry on what I had done for years.

Very quickly I started to gain control and that felt good. After two sessions I'd stopped taking cocaine completely and became an occasional social drinker instead of a binge drinker. I no longer make myself ill or waste days regretting how much I've drank.

I have since giving up my bad habits changed my job and am doing better than ever . I've excelled in all areas and haven't had one day off sick since I started 8 months ago , unlike previous jobs where I would ring in sick with hangovers and come downs.

I feel I am now the person that I want to be all the time without letting myself down like I used to.

Chris and Linzi will help you make those changes that you are ready to make if you are willing to give them a go.