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Chris Meaden Joins Elite International Training Team

Ever since Chris saw a Havening Demonstration by Paul McKenna in 2012, he just knew this was a methodology that he had to learn for his clients to experience and benefit from. Research led Chris and myself (Linzi) to attending the world first Havening training event in London 2013.  A very intense and in-depth 2 days […]

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Havening in New York 2014

  After the success of the training events in London, we were invited to facilitate at The Havening Techniques training in New York City with Dr Ron Ruden (creator of The Havening Techniques) and his brother Dr Steven Ruden. Once again we witnessed incredible life changing moments where Havening, applied by experienced trainers and facilitators, removed horrific traumas […]

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Weight Loss IS Actually Quite Simple

“Eat Less, Move More!” What’s that I hear you say?  You’ve tried that and it hasn’t worked…………….hmmmm, something not quite right there then. Okay, “Eat Less, Move More” is, for many people, just words.  “If it were that simple, everyone would be doing it and everyone would be slim and healthy”, they say.  There are […]

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